BioSphere.....Bringing Nature into Your Home…

"Very Low Maintenance, No Water Changes Required”

What am I??...

A Reef.....Rainforest...Herb, Crystal or Fairy Garden.... an Aquarium ? 

Welcome to an amazing concept called Aquaponics!! Put simply, aquaponics is combining fish and plants together. The fish feed the plants, and the plants clean the water. Best of all it is very low maintenance and productive…no cleaning… no water changes!!

If you Love Nature, you have to Watch this video!!

Imagine a soft bubbling spring flowing water over your rock fern feature… tumbling down until is lands on a green carpet of bright native violet flowers… which eventually trickles down into a rocky water pool below with a crayfish and fish lurking in his rocky cave... The water is filled with thousands of tinny bubbles...The dappled light throws a rainbow onto your kitchen splashback....and at night the LED light and remote transform this feature into a glowing lantern....Go to sleep with the images of rippling water and the silhouette of ferns and fish on your ceiling. 

Warning!! this feature can be Mesmerizing....Whether your staring at it on your desk at work, or holding a coffee waking up in the morning....its not hard not to be transported to a more relaxing world...

As a biologist, I have spent decades making imitated rock and fern features, aquariums and fish systems… and incorporated this knowledge into a very compact and clever unit. You get to choose what plants you want…do you want a vegie and herb garden?.... or would you prefer a fern garden?. Our rainforest species are all natives and include some amazing ferns and fern allies (club mosses etc).

How Does It Work?

So how is it possible to grow healthy vegetables and keep fish with no cleaning or water changes?

Aquaponics is a process nature has been using for millions of years. When water flows over rocks and gravel of a fast flowing rapid, it adds oxygen which bacteria use to convert fish waste into healthy plant food. This process filters the water and provides optimal growing conditions for both fish and plants.

Our Aqua-Ecosystem Features work in exactly the same way. Water is pumped from the bowl below to the top of the feature, where it flows over hundreds of clay balls which house bacteria that convert fish waste (Ammonia) into safe plant food (Nitrates).


This means you;

  • Can keep a pet fish or crayfish (can you see the pet crayfish in the bowl below?)
  • Grow vegetables, herbs or have a a great looking mini rainforest.
  • Have the sound of nature in the house (flowing water which can be turned down if you wish)
  • Have a crystal or fairy garden

 What is Left to do if There is no Cleaning or Water Changes?

No much really!! Just a few minutes maintenance per month is all that is required. Most of the jobs outlined below take less than 30 seconds to do.

  • Topping up water occasionally
  • Feeding of fish or crayfish just once or twice a week (great job for the kids).
  • Cutting off the vegetables or herbs to be used in cooking. If you choose the Rain-forest Garden Style you only need to cut off the native violet runners which grow around the bowl occasionally.
  • A quick rinse of small filter pads on top of Potts once very few weeks.
  • Spraying plants with a liquid fertilizer every few months (optional).

That’s it!! Kids and adults alike will love having a creek and fern garden on your kitchen bench or in your home.

Other Benefits

  • Plants are known to filter and improve air quality. In addition, the flowing water over clay balls collects dust and other impurities which is processed by the bacteria… which further improve air quality.
  • Kids love to have a pet, a waterfall or a fairy garden. Having them feed the fish or crayfish will not only give them a low maintenance pet, but will give them a sense of responsibility.
  • If you keep a crayfish he will be eating size in less than a year…unless he is your pet in which case you should save him .
  • The sound of a bubbling creek, and the visual effects of a rocky aquarium and a fern garden will create a relaxing environment for you to enjoy.

 Common Questions

Q1- What if I don’t know anything about keeping plants or fish?

A1- Aquaponics requires very little maintenance and the natural processes looks after the water quality for you. We provide you will videos or verbal advice on how to optimize the health of your fish or plants.

Q2- Can I turn off the water trickling sound?

 A2-  You can have full or no trickling sound by moving the outlet pips and the water level in the bowl.

Q3- Is it safe to eat the vegies or herbs?

A3-  Fish waste is converted into a safe plant food that grows very healthy vegies as they have regular fertilizing and plenty of water. As with all vegetables from a garden or Aquaponics, they must be washed before eating.

Q4- Where do I put the feature?

A4- A rainforest garden

 will need a mini

mum of half an hour direct light or hour strong diffuse light per day. Herbs need at least  hours direct light. Access to power for the pump will be required.

Q5- How much does it cost to run?

A5- The features have a very small low voltage pump which is very efficient. It will typically cost $1 (Aust) per year to run. Given a hydroponic lettuce or herb bunch is around $4 you will be well ahead.

Q6- What type and how many fish can I keep?

A6- You can keep any small fish you wish. Fish such as Goldfish won’t need a heater, however you will need to purchase a pad heater (which sits on the bottom on the bowl) for tropical species. The amount of fish will depend on how you run your feature, however generally you can have anything up to 6 small  fish (guppie size) or 2 larger fish (i.e goldfish size). You can keep a crayfish with fish however they may eat them overtime. You can catch wild non native guppies and add them to the bowl with a crayfish. Wild caught fish are far more predator savvy than store bought fish and last much longer. Our demonstration video will give you advice on stockin

g rates and species.  

Q7- Is it real or imitated rock.


A7 The plants are growing out of pots which have an imitated rock coating that is food grade safe. They are porous (seeps water) and ferns and mosses will eventually grow all over them. They are Individual pots so they can be conveniently moved around and planted with a single plant type.

Q8- How do I feed the fish

A8- We have added a feeding hole in the top tray so all you need to do is add a small pinch of fish food once per day.

Q9- What if I have a question or a problem?

A9- We include instructional videos to help you set up and maintain your feature. If however you have any questions just call or email me for advice.


To work out a total price, just add each item you want and send me an email. If you want plants and delivery they must be purchased separately to the Biosphere prices listed below:

Biosphere- Medium (28cm Diameter Bowl)- no plants                                            $ 120.00 

Biosphere- Large (33cm Diameter Bowl)- no plants                                                 $ 200.00 

Rainforest Plants   (See plant notes below)                                                                  $20

Delivery- East Coast Australia (NSW, Qld, VIC, ACT)                                              $ 20

Delivery- Other States, Australia (NT, WA, TAS, SA)                                               $ 35


What is Included with the Biosphere

  •  1) Glass bowl (28cm, 10L) or (33cm, 15L), 2) pump, 3) fittings and accessories, 4) Biologically activated clay balls for potts and tray, 5) Gravel in bowl 6) Pipe habitat for crayfish, 7) peat ball to manage water quality.
  • Plants are not included in the standard Biosphere price, however they can be purchased separately as outlined in plant notes below.
  • Clay balls and Gravel are Biologically activated (have established bacteria colonies) and the feature is ready to go. This saves you 6 weeks establishing bacterial colonies.
  • The rock cave in the photo of the bowl above is not included (can be purchased from pet stores), however we provide a pipe crayfish home.
  • Fish and Crayfish are not provided however they can be obtained from a pet store. 

Plant Notes 

  • As some people want to use their own plants, we have the option of purchasing rainforest plants separately. The $20 rainforest pack listed in the price list includes:  A) 1 birdsnest fern, B) 1 maiden hair fern or fern allie, C) 1 rainforest herb, D) 1 native violet plant which covers bottom tray E) Moss clump.
  • Please note they are small starter plants (as shown in adjacent photo). These plans grow quickly to the size shown in the other photos on this page.

General Notes:

  • Videos are provided on how to set up and maintenance and fish selection. If you have any questions or queries you can contact me at any time.
  • We have a 100% Money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with your purchase.

If you are interested in purchasing a “Aqua Ecosystem” please email Glenn Kvassay at or by phone on 0417729509. Payment is through Paypal for customer protection.  




Glenn Kvassay, BAppSc

0417 729 509 (AU)




Justin Hodges
Founder/author of the herphouse facebook page